Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament

Get What You Want Done!

A common tool is the last will and testament (will). With this document, a person is able to describe what they want done with their money and property, in the event of their death, that which they want done with it as of the date and time that they make that will. Additionally, a person can identify who they would want to take care of any minor children that they might leave in the event of their untimely death, particularly if there would not be any surviving parent. Finally, with your will you are able to nominate the person that you would desire to carry out the wishes that you have described in your will. That person would be the person you nominate as your personal representative.

Ensure Your Property's Spent as You Want It to Be

After your death, it would be the role of the personal representative to secure the original of your will, offer it for probate in the county court of the county where you resided at the time of your death and become appointed as the personal representative with the assistance of your attorney. The personal representative would proceed to file the appropriate documents and issue the appropriate notices required to fully administer your estate and see that all lawful bills are paid, identify and take possession of all of the assets titled in your name, determine and pay any and all taxes due, and distribute the assets to the rightful persons.

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